Explode Your X (Twitter) Brand: Growth & Engagement Hacks

In this post, you will learn multiple real-world actionable X (Twitter) tips, tricks, and hacks to help you increase your brand visibility, increase followers, and increase engagement. I will be providing advice to Reserve Protocol in this content piece so it applies to a real-world account and isn’t just theoretical advice that we all know never works. 

For context, it’s important to understand what Reserve Protocol is. Reserve is a blockchain-based platform designed to facilitate the creation of decentralized asset-backed stablecoins, which are pegged to tokenized assets like the US dollar, Bitcoin, gold, oil, etc. to protect against the volatility of other cryptocurrencies and government-created inflation. Reserve aims to provide an inflation-resistant and accessible financial infrastructure, especially for individuals in countries with unstable currencies. You can read more about it here.

Anyway, I’ve used these strategies to help scale many brands over the years. The idea here isn’t to perform all of these actions from your official brand account. Sometimes it will make sense for actions to be official but other times it will make sense to have other accounts and keep the official brand out of it.  An army of a few dedicated individuals can go a long way. There are other more creative, less costly ways to approach this you can probably think of.

Some of what I cover is based on years of experience and other stuff is what we now know as fact based on Elon Musk making the recommendation algorithm public. You can read more about how the algorithm works here.

Let’s dig in…….


We now know that having a verified Pro account is a huge ranking factor and like count is the highest signal, followed by re-post (retweet), then replies. Getting your company account verified (going Pro) should be a top priority.


When posting, always specifically ask for people’s opinions at the end of the post or at least end with a question. Your engagement rate will skyrocket. Higher engagement leads to your posts having a higher priority in the algorithm.  If you make just one change, this is the one to make (along with going Pro).

Don’t be afraid to explicitly ask for a comment or a like at times. Your supporters want your brand to succeed and often just need to be prompted.

Invite X (Twitter) Engagement

Make sure you engage with everyone responding as long as it’s manageable. If there are too many comments, always prioritize responding to verified accounts with solid reputations strictly from an algorithm POV. It should be easy to at least respond to 15-20 comments. If it’s not, you need to hire someone else to help out. Non-followers are SIGNIFICANTLY more likely to follow you if you seriously interact with them rather than coming across as a cookie-butter corporate brand that is TRYING to act like everyone’s BFF.


X (Twitter) Spaces are a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your engagement and expand your reach on the platform. By hosting live audio conversations, you can connect with your audience in a more personal and interactive way. This real-time interaction fosters stronger relationships and encourages active participation, creating a dynamic community around your brand. The immediacy and authenticity of live conversations can help humanize your brand, making it more relatable and trustworthy to your followers. Also, the algorithm loves Spaces.

Using Spaces also provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your expertise and increase brand exposure. By leading discussions on relevant topics and inviting guest speakers or co-hosts, you can position yourself as a thought leader in your niche. This not only attracts new followers interested in your insights but also taps into the audiences of your collaborators, expanding your reach beyond your immediate follower base. The visibility of Spaces in the highlighted section at the top of the app ensures that your conversations are discoverable to a broader audience.

Regularly hosting Spaces can help build a loyal and engaged community. Consistent events give your followers something to look forward to, fostering a sense of belonging and encouraging repeat engagement. By creating valuable and interactive content, you not only increase your engagement metrics but also reinforce your brand’s presence on X, leading to sustained growth and a stronger online presence.


Live streams have become an essential tool for increasing brand engagement and expanding your online presence. By hosting live video sessions, you can interact with your audience in real-time, creating an immersive and interactive experience. This level of engagement allows for immediate feedback, direct communication, and a sense of community, which can significantly enhance your relationship with your audience and the algorithm will thank you.

One of the key benefits of live streaming is its ability to humanize your brand. Live sessions offer a behind-the-scenes look at your operations, showcase your personality, and provide an authentic and transparent view of your business. This authenticity can build trust and loyalty among your followers, making them more likely to engage with your content and recommend your brand to others. Additionally, the spontaneous nature of live streams can make your brand feel more accessible and relatable, fostering a deeper connection with your audience. By leveraging live streams, you can reach a broader audience, attract new followers, and drive more traffic to your other content. Hosting regular live events, such as Q&A sessions, product launches, or expert interviews, can keep your audience engaged and encourage them to share your content, further amplifying your brand’s reach and impact.


When it makes sense, post using more broad hashtags like #crypto, #blockchain, #defi, etc. to expose Reserve to a wider audience. Many people, including myself, will search inside these hashtags to see what people are talking about. Other than exposing the project to a wider audience, you will also come across opportunities to promote the project. Never use more than 2-3 hashtags, though. This is detected as spammy. Ideally, use one and change it up and track to see what works the best.

X Twitter Multiple Hashtag Algorithm Penalty

This post has 7.5 thousand views and 228 people have commented on it. I would go in here and comment $RSR and @ReserveProtocol along with a 2-sentence blurb bout why Reserve is unique. Stay away from external links if possible, for reasons I discuss below. I would focus on the project actually having IRL value to start with and see how things go. If you don’t notice any engagement, try something else. The key is not to look spammy and ensure the post has value and provides something UNIQUE about the project that will want people to learn more. What is Reserve’s unique value proposition (UVP)? Focus on that.

Post using broad hashtags to increase brand awareness

You’ll really start to see results when you get a group of people to do the same. Just a small army of a few people can radically increase a brand’s exposure with consistent effort, especially if “Reserve” keeps coming up over and over and over again. Eventually, people will click to find out what it’s all about. At a minimum, you are getting free brand exposure for the project for free one person at a time. Think of your followers/supporters as force multipliers!


Following people in your niche and actively responding to their posts is a crucial strategy for increasing your brand awareness and expanding your network. By following key influencers, industry leaders, and relevant accounts, you stay updated with the latest trends, discussions, and developments in your field. This helps you align your content with current topics of interest, making your posts more relevant and engaging to your audience.

Engaging with the content of others in your niche is equally important. When you respond to their posts with insightful comments, questions, or additional information, you not only build relationships with these influencers but also expose your brand to their followers. This can significantly increase your visibility and attract new followers who are interested in the same topics. Thoughtful and meaningful interactions show that you are actively involved in the community, enhancing your credibility and authority in your niche.

This strategy fosters networking opportunities and collaborations. By consistently engaging with influential accounts, you can develop relationships that might lead to partnerships, guest posts, or joint ventures. These collaborations can further amplify your reach and credibility, driving more traffic to your profile and increasing your brand’s exposure. In essence, actively participating in your niche community helps you build a robust network, expand your influence, and ultimately grow your brand.


Take advantage of trending topics. There are always opportunities to share Reserve info when there is Bitcoin, Ethereum, inflation, fed, conferences, etc. news. Just look inside the trending hashtag and engage with active posts that are getting a lot of views/comments. Remember, to post using #crypto, #defi, #blockchain, etc. What immediately comes to mind are the monthly inflation numbers that everyone talks about on the platform. Having a social media holiday calendar nearby is gold.


Search for your keywords and participate. It’s critical to understand what people are saying about your brand.  Search on @ReserveProtocol, Reserve, “Reserve Protocol,” RTokens, eUSD, eth+, EthPlus, Nevin,  etc., and see what is being said out there and engage. You can use tools to make this less manual. I used to use TweetDeck, which is now X Pro, and used the native X advanced search to create complex queries. Watch my video on using X advanced search here.

Search for your keywords on X (Twitter) to increase brand awareness


Use external links sparingly. X is skeptical of outside links and wants to keep people on the platform. Obviously, some posts need links. In those cases, you want to put the link in the first comment, not in the primary post. Also, when people leave X, they are less likely to comment on your post or reshare it. If you are posting content on your website, use A.I. to summarize the content into a “tweet storm” and then link to the actual blog post at the end but NEVER IN THE FIRST POST!


X loves media. In most cases, an image or video should be attached to every post. Adding an image, video, GIF, etc. will enhance your tweet’s appeal. Visual elements help your message stand out in the feed, increasing the likelihood of engagement. It’s important to note that the algorithm increasingly gives weight to time spent on posts, which means putting long-form text & video on X gets more promotion than off-platform. Keep this in mind when deciding to share a video. Maybe it’s a better idea to share the video uploaded to X than sharing a YouTube link. Maybe do both. Test it out and see what works. Elon Musk has stressed the importance of posting videos over and over again.  Remember to end the post with a question to encourage engagement and use those hashtags. 🙂

Elon Musk stresses the importance of posting videos on X


Posting informative, valuable niche content that isn’t specifically related to the project but is related to the broader industry (i.e. stablecoin, DeFi, etc.) as a whole will expose the project to a much broader audience. Remember to use those broad hashtags, use media, and end the post with a question.  Is there an echo in here?🙂


Be mindful of what you re-post. If you aren’t familiar with the account posting something you should be cautious about re-posting it. That account could be filled with all kinds of content X deems as spammy, racist, etc. and you want to make sure you don’t inherit any of that. If you aren’t sure, you can always summarize the content in a new post rather than re-posting it. Also, be mindful of who you interact with. Some of that negative juice could rub off on you. Also, if someone clicks on a @User mentioned in your post, they will be less likely to engage with your content.


Use AI (ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude, etc.) for everything. There is no need to waste your time coming up with the perfect wording for a post. Just tell AI you need a “tweet storm” for Topic X.  It’s amazing what it comes up with. Always read it over and add your finishing own touches before sharing with the world. AI isn’t perfect and does hallucinate (get things wrong) at times.


Follower-to-follower ratio is important. Never follow more accounts than you have followers. This isn’t a problem for Reserve but it’s important to understand. Don’t follow someone from your primary brand account unless its absolutely necessary. 


Don’t post nonsense. Many people get notifications when their favorite brands post. If you are making their phones go off every 30 minutes with nonsense throughout the day, they will turn off notifications and likely never see the important stuff you need them to see. Value people’s time. Rarely should you post more than 2-3 times per day and those posts better be informative and add value. The algorithm loves long-form content.  Make sure you post long-form content often.


Iterate & improve: Regularly evaluate your performance by analyzing likes, re-posts, and replies. Adjust your content strategy as needed to enhance engagement. Continuous improvement is key to success on any platform. You will find out some hashtags work better than others, some ending questions work better than others, etc. ‘


By following these guidelines, Reserve can create informative and engaging tweets that effectively communicate your brand’s message on X. Consistency and attention to detail are keys to building a strong presence and fostering meaningful connections on the platform.

I hope you found this informative. If your business needs help with eCommerce/local SEO or WordPress website design, security, or performance, please reach out to us. We are one of the few national crypto-friendly agencies and we’d love to help!

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