Video: Create AI Content That Isn’t Detected By AI Detection Tools For Free Using ChatGPT and Quillbot!

In this video, I show you how to generate AI content that isn’t detected by AI detection tools (for SEO purposes) for free using ChatGPT and Quillbot Artificial Intelligence gets nuttier by the week it seems. Learn how to evade AI detection algorithms for free! If you are an SEO pro and don’t get on the AI bandwagon right now, you will be left behind!

Here are some great queries for ChatGPT for SEO purposes I found on Facebook

Propose website sitemap for +Service or +Product
List entities related to +Service or +Product or +Entity
List relational entities to +Service or +Product or +Entity
Write 20 compelling headlines about +Service or +Product or +Entity and include the following words:
Write 500 words of compelling content about +Service or +Product or +Entity using the following words:
Create an article outline for +Article Title or +Keyword or +Phrase or +Entity
Please detail the information on +Service or +Product or +Entity in layman terms
Write a long copy on +Service or +Product or +Entity.
Please explain +Service or +Product or +Entity.
What are the 5 key points of +Service or +Product or +Entity?
What are the 10 most popular questions about +Service or +Product or +Entity?
Write a paragraph for +Service or +Product or +Entity
Extract entities from this text: +Text
Rewrite this text as faq: +Text
Write a header structure for +blog topic

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