Video: How To Access ChatGPT When It’s At Capacity And Down For Everyone Else | OpenAI Playground

This is how to access ChatGTP features using the OpenAI Playground when it’s at capacity, or down, and you get this error:

ChatGPT is at capacity right now

Write a rap about the status of ChatGPT.
Yeah, yo, what’s up ChatGPT fam
A lot of people trying to jam
But don’t worry, we got your back
Just check back soon, we’ll get on track

ChatGPT’s the place to be
For all your AI chat needs
We’re working hard to keep up the pace
So hold tight, we’ll be back in this space

So don’t you worry, don’t be mad
We’re working hard, it’s not so bad
Just give us time, we’ll be back
ChatGPT, the future of chat, that’s a fact.

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