WordPress Website Performance

WordPress Website Performance

Slow website = lost leads = lost business.

Expert WordPress Website Performance Services From Norzer

When it comes to earning business success, the online world is no different than a traditional brick-and-mortar organization: the company with the best performance gets the customers. In an e-commerce marketplace, that is just as true. Simply put, this means speeding up your WordPress website so that your site performance is second to none. Norzer has the tools, talent, and experience to optimize your site. Let us show you.

Step 1: Improve your WordPress site’s performance.

Step 2: Watch your traffic soar.

Importance of Improved WordPress Site Performance

A football coach once said, “I can’t make a slow guy fast, but I can make him faster.” This is true but WordPress website performance isn’t football. With Norzer, if you have a slow site, we’ll make it fast. If you have a fast site, we’ll make it faster. That’s our mission and our guarantee. We’ll analyze your website for free and let you know what we can do for you!

The speed of your WordPress website is a vital measurement for improving your overall WordPress site performance. What does it actually mean to get the best possible performance out of your website?

  • Improve overall WordPress website speed – WordPress websites can be slow for many reasons. It’s important to diagnose those limitations and improve them so that the overall site speed can increase. It’s all about Google’s Core Web Vitals now and that is what we focus on.
  • Focus on progressive rendering – At the end of the day, Google cares most about the humans that are using its service. That’s why it exists. For that reason, websites should focus on improving the load times for above-the-fold content first, as that is what human visitors see and interact with first.
  • All about user experience – Ultimately, this is all about improving the user experience. Faster load times, a more dynamic website, and a friendly and easily-navigable design all make for the best WordPress website performance. It sometimes can be a tradeoff between features and speed We will go over all of this with you.

Best of all, this improved WordPress website performance leads to some very beneficial results:

  • Google likes it – All those things that lead to better website performance? Yeah, Google likes all those things. (Other search engines do, too, but Google is Google.) Improve your overall WordPress website performance and find your business shooting up the Google search engine rankings. Have you heard of Core Web Vitals? If not, you are already losing.
  • More traffic, more money – When the Google algorithms recognize and respect your website for its high performance, it ultimately means you will be driving more traffic. And, while lead conversion is a numbers game: more traffic means more customers, which means more revenue. Win-win-win.


How Our WordPress Site Performance Services Work

WordPress sites do not improve their own performance on their own. It takes experience and knowledge of what drives website performance before success is realized. This means a dedicated effort toward improving WordPress website performance is necessary. That’s where Norzer comes in. We make the process simple, easy, and guarantee results. We have an agency license for the WordPress plugin, WP Rocket, and will provide that to you free of charge for life!

  1. Free consultation – We always start with a free consultation. This allows us to understand your business and your needs, and ensure we have the expertise to exceed your expectations.
  2. Performance analysis – We will run an extensive analysis of your current site performance, identify areas of needed improvement, and present you with our findings.
  3. Action plan – An action plan isn’t only about mapping out what changes need to occur to improve your WordPress site performance. It’s about executing those changes. We will create a detailed action plan for you based on our proven Norzer Speedz™ Plan.
  4. Results – After the analysis, planning, and execution, comes the best part: reaping the benefits. Experience all the benefits that come with improving your website’s performance, guaranteed. If you aren’t satisfied, you don’t pay!


Let All of Our WordPress Services Work Together

Norzer was established as a full-service agency committed to improving your WordPress site and stimulating business growth. All of our services work together seamlessly to ensure your site is performing at its best.

WordPress Site Performance Services  – Speed up your WordPress website, improve your SEO, and convert newfound traffic into revenue

WordPress Security Services and Audits – Protect your website from vulnerabilities so that you can focus on your business

Local SEO Services – Grow your business in the digital space, improving consumer awareness and using a targeted strategy for generating local leads

WordPress Website Design Services – Impress visitors with a clean, engaging website design that will keep them coming back


Ready to Increase Your WordPress Website Performance?

Increasing your website speed, improving the overall performance, and ultimately reaping the benefits in the form of better Google search engine rankings, higher traffic volumes, and—best of all—more customers and revenue is right around the corner. Let Norzer help take your site to the next level. Start with a free consultation today!

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