Local SEO Client Intake Onboarding Questionnaire Form (Free Template)

This is the local SEO client intake questionnaire (form) we give to all new prospective and paying clients.  You can download this free local SEO client intake questionnaire form template in PDF format here or copy and paste the questions below.

Note: You can also download our local SEO agency services agreement/contract template here.


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Local SEO Agency Client Intake Onboarding Form 


Please fill this out and email it to ryan@norzer.me.


The best email address and phone number to reach you at:



Official, legal name of your business:



Business name you plan to use for your Google Business Profile page:



Your business address.  Please specify what type of address it is: office, store, home, virtual office, PO Box, etc.



Do you share this street address with any other businesses (including any other businesses you own)?



Is that the only location of your business? If not, please list the addresses of your other locations and what types of addresses they are.



Where do you do business with your customers? Your address or theirs?



How long has your business been located at that address?



Office phone number:



Do you use this phone number for any other locations or other businesses?



All former or alternate business names, addresses, and phone numbers:



Website URL:



Is this the only website you use for this business?  If not, please list your other sites.



Can you make changes to your website whenever you’d like?



Who bought your website hosting and domain name?



Have you ever experienced sudden and steep drops in traffic or rankings in Google?  If so, please describe.



Do you have plans to redesign or rename your site, rebrand your business, or move to a new address? If so, describe the planned change(s).  If a new site is in the works, please write down the URL of the demo site.



Has your Google Business Profile page ever “disappeared” or taken a severe hit in rankings, to your knowledge?



Do you have access to your Google Business Profile page and can you make edits to your page right now?



What are 3-10 keywords/services you’d most like to rank in Google?



What are the specific cities or areas you’d like to be visible in?



How do you currently get most of your customers/clients/patients?  (E.g. word-of-mouth, Google Ads, etc.)



Do you have any notable rankings in Google?  If so, please list at least a few keywords you currently rank for if you know.



Have you listed your business on sites like Yelp, YP, etc.?  If so, who has the login info for those listings?



If I said that you should ask some of your customers/clients/patients to write reviews for you, how willing would you be to ask them?  (Let’s use a scale of 1-10: 1 meaning you refuse to ask, 10 meaning you’re totally motivated.)



What has been your strategy (if any) for getting links from other sites to your site?



Have you worked with any SEO companies?  If so, what was your experience, and what steps did they take if you know?



Can you (or someone else) devote at least two hours per week to helping me help you?  (Mostly time spent on communication.)



What is your company size?



Who else is part of the decision-making process for SEO and IT services?



What keeps you up at night?  What’s been your biggest marketing challenge?



How badly do you need more customers/clients/patients? (Use a scale from 1-10: 1 = comfortable, 10 = desperate.)



How would measure the success of an SEO campaign?



When do you hope to get started?



What compelled you to contact Norzer?



What makes your business better than your competition? Why should someone do business with you?



What are your long-term goals for your company?



What are your expectations in working with Norzer?



How did you hear about Norzer?



Is there anything else you want me to know about your situation or goals?  Don’t hold back!